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About Us

It is a common misconception that marketing and sales are the same. Granted, both directly contribute to the success of a company, but in actuality, they are two very different concepts. Marketing is the promotion of a product or service of a company, covering advertisement, public relations, and sales. Sales is simply the transaction of customers purchasing the product.

Here at CrossFire, we pride ourselves with the endless possibilities that we offer our customers. "CrossFire's objective is to produce results for our customers using the most up to date marketing tactics, efficiently, and productively, while creating long term relationships." In other words, we want you to succeed!

Our Green Initiative

• Installed two wind turbines on our roof
• Partial roof garden (100 square feet)
• All light fixtures are low energy (180 fixtures)
• Installed ECO-3 efficiency systems on our HVAC units
• Installed a 36 kW solar system on our roof
• Recycling of toner cartridges
• Recycling of batteries
• Recycling thousands of pounds of paper
• 2 Honeybee Hives on our roof
• Contracted with UPS to track carbon usage
• Offer non-petroleum inks
• 99% chemical free